• Between the Sheets

    8:15pm/9:15pm | 8-10 February | Drama Studio House

    If your bed could talk, would all tales be pleasant?


    Between the Sheets is a performative installation that explores the relationship between young adults and their bed. Half theatre, half installation, this project will aim to depict both the humorous, harsh and haunting fragilities of the human mind by considering the liminal space between reality and our nightmares in the spaces of our bedrooms. A variety of multimedia technologies from video projection to photography will aim to draw connections between the field of science, mental health and theatre in a complementary and dynamically designed driven manner.


    8:15pm/9:15pm, Thurs 8 Feb - Sat 10 Feb
    Drama Studio House

    93 Kelburn Parade

    Free entry, however capacity is limited and booking is essential via eventfinda.co.nz

    Kasey Collins is primarily a set and media designer. She is using Victoria's Masters programme to explore the relationship between scenography and media design through performance. She is focusing her creative project on a performative installation that combines a variety of multimedia technologies and techniques, some of which she has learned from her internship on the STAB production Body Double directed by Eleanor Bishop.

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