• Moose

    7pm | 8-10 February | 93 Kelburn Parade

    In 1910, ten moose were released into Fiordland, New Zealand. Failing to start a population they died out within a few years, but there are rumours that some may have survived and are still alive deep within the bush. In 2018, one woman goes a journey to find the moose and find her purpose in this unique and provoking theatrical experience.


    7pm, Thurs 8 - Sat 10 February
    Studio 77, 77 Fairlie Terrace

    Tix $8-16 from eventfinda.co.nz

    Lucas Neal is a Wellington based designer and director known for his work designing sets for shows such as Spring Awakening, Gallathea, Yellow Face and Marine Snow. He is graduate from Victoria University of Wellington studying in theatre and was awarded the Dronke Prize for drama in 2016. In 2017, Lucas was awarded the Most Promising Newcomer Award at the Wellington Theatre Awards.

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