• Tacet

    8:30pm/7:30pm | 3-5 February | 77 Fairlie Terrace

    You sit, alone, apart from everyone else who also came to see the show, alone, with your nervous host, whose trembling hands offer you a cup of tea. The music intensifies. Neither of you dare to drink it. A bead of sweat rolls down their forehead. They ask your shoes quietly how your financial new year has been. You ask, “what?”, and they flip, panicked, through the Book of Wellness, only there’s no help to be found so they politely ask your shoes if they can leave the room, except it’s their house and they have nowhere to go. You’re their guest, after all. You sip your tea. It is cold. They apologise. The music simmers. Tea is supposed to be calming, isn’t it?
    Tacet is a devised, physical theatre show that deconstructs the experience of living with depression and anxiety through a series of absurdist sketches, heartfelt anecdotes, clowning, and provocative music. Filled with uncertainty, exertion, and some light audience participation, Tacet attempts to break away from the solemn reverence its subject matter usually carries, to convey the exhaustion of looking after yourself when life is an emotional rollercoaster with no breaks. Sometimes you need to take a rest. It’s not just good for your health, it’s necessary.


    8:30pm, Sat 3 Feb

    7:30pm, Sun 4 and Mon 5 Feb
    77 Fairlie Terrace
    Tix $10-16 from eventfinda.co.nz

    Kristyan Sian is a writer and director who is drawn to intricate concepts and expressive physical performance. He directed his first play, Retraction, in the NZ Fringe Festival of 2016, and has devised for the Fringe shows Katabasis and I Predict a Riot (2015), as well as the VUW productions The Widow and Tributary (2015). His MFA(CP) project, Tacet, will explore exhaustion and self-help in mental health through absurdist clowning to challenge the conventional representation.

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